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Near a third of the earth’s surface consists of land areas. Buildings, roads, plants and other developments on firm ground are necessary for the survival of mankind. In a wider perspective the natural resources in the ground are also of consequence; soil, minerals, water, flora and fauna. The society and the welfare that we have today are to a great extent built on the utilization of the ground’s natural resources. The ground we use is, however, a limited resource. Natural resources are used for various purposes by exploitation and environmentally foreign substances are added.

If human requirements shall be satisfied in a sustainable way it is of great importance that the use of land and land resources is more efficient and more to the purpose. The unique competence of Vatten och Samhällsteknik enables physical planning, investigations and project planning in an integral process to support a good long-term land use management.

Our specialities within the business area Land Use Management:

Technical Assistance for Approvals according to National Legislation
Land Use Management
Management of Contaminated Soil, Water and Air
Soil and Water Sampling
Design of Water Sewage Systems
Project Management, Control and Inspection

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