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Environmental Management

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Environmental Management is an important activity including all precautions with the purpose to improve environment and national health. It is just to think about the contamination of our lakes and watercourses to realize the importance of environmental protection for human comfort and survival.

The business area Environmental Mangement includes investigations and assessments regarding activities with environmental impact and the environmental adaptation of these activities. The base for these commissions is normally the environmental legislation and an assessment of the activity in accordance with environmental codes is included.

A wide range of competence covering health and environmental questions including various technical solutions is required for carrying out the environmental commissions. The close connection to environmental legislation also makes it important for us to understand the relation between science and legalities.

The business area Environmental Management also includes commissions concerning resource saving and sustainable development. These types of commissions are mainly demanded by public society functions, which involve us in various national and international cooperation and exchange programmes.

Our specialities within the business area Environmental Management:

Technical Assistance for Approvals according to National Legislation
Environmental Impact Assessments
Environmental Impact of Infrastructure Projects, especially Airports
Environmental Impact of Industries
Environmental Management Systems
Environmental Investigations for a Sustainable Society
Control Programmes and Environmental Reports

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