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The waste management field has been subject to large changes during the last years. Waste that previous was considered as a problem is now more and more regarded as a resource. Deposition was earlier the common solution to get rid of waste. Now energy recycling and reuse are dominating. The EU waste hierarchy and the national environmental goals concerning waste are the overall goal for waste management.

We provide service within the whole area concerning waste management from drawing up local government waste management plans to operation of various plants.

When it comes to permit applications in accordance with environmental codes and planning of plants, we work with recycling stations and plants and other recycling alternatives and plants for treatment, intermediate storage and deposition. Private plants require control by the owner, which means that operational and maintenance instructions and control programmes must be provided. Waste management is subject to a comprehensive legislation of which we have good in-house knowledge. We also have a close cooperation with competent lawyers.

Our specialities within the business area Waste Management:

Technical Assistance for Approvals according to National Legislation
Waste Management
Waste Treatment
Waste Plants
Plans for Final Covering of Landfills
Leachate Treatment
Waste Management Programmes
Operational Management Programmes

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