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Water is our most vital natural resource. It has a complicated circulation and people both affect and are affected by water. Water is useful in many connections as a natural resource for culture, environment and biology and as raw material resource for drinking water supply, irrigation and waterpower. In Sweden there is generally a very good water quality and our tap water is always drinkable. There are in spite of this certain problems to handle to protect and distribute our water resources. Due to climate changes some areas may be subject to drought and other areas to more and larger flooding.

We think it is important to regard water as a resource that can be developed under certain circumstances and water management is a keyword in this connection.

We provide services within the whole water management field, from overview planning of water resources, risk analysis and water protection, hydrological investigations, water and waste water investigations and planning. Storm water management and treatment of storm and leachate water in wetlands is one of our large competence areas. Local hydro power plants are an interesting possibility today when looking for renewable energy sources and also in this field we can assist from a first assessment to an approved permit. In many cases, water management has to be approved in accordance with environmental codes and we have great experience of permit applications.

Our specialities within the business area Water Resource Management:

Technical Assistance for Approvals according to National Legislation
Water Supply Management
Ground Water
Investigation Drillings
Ground Water Modelling
Surface Water
Water Resource Planning
Local Hydro Power Plants
Storm Water
Water and Waste Water Investigations
Water Protection Areas
Water Pollution / Water Management

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